When do the foreclosure and eviction moratoriums end (in Utah)?

July 31, 2021.

(Not just in Utah, but in almost every state unless your state has passed some kind of state extension).

Here is a link to the Utah Courts page on “Eviction Information for Tenants.” The single best part of the page is a simple statement that “[t]he moratorium does not forgive rent.” In fact, the whole paragraph is pretty important:

The moratorium does not forgive rent. You are required to make partial payments for rent if you can. Rent, late fees and penalties can still accrue during the moratorium. If you have not paid all of the back rent you owed when the moratorium ends on July 31, 2021 you could be evicted. You are also required to comply with all other terms of your lease

By the same token, that foreclosure moratorium does not forgive missed mortgage payments (called arrears). You are still liable for those payments, and if you can’t catch up, they can foreclose.

Even the various loan forbearance programs don’t forgive those mortgage payments. If you don’t have a deal specifically modifying your loan, then those payments are coming due very soon.

So how does bankruptcy help:

well, it can stop an eviction and it can stop a foreclosure.

I’ve covered these topics on the links below, but if you’re facing eviction or foreclosure, bankruptcy is a pretty good option.