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If I file bankruptcy on Green Light Auto Solutions, can they still shut off my car?


Technically, on the day we file bankruptcy, it stops any kind of collections, including garnishment, repossession, foreclosure, and even the remote “shutting off” of your leased car through Green Light Auto Solutions.

If they shut off your car after we file the bk, I can call them to turn it back on. I actually had to do that this afternoon for client who found herself stranded in California. She was a few days behind on her lease payment, and they activated the remote shutoff. Unfortunately, she was on a road trip, in California, in the middle of nowhere. She frantically called me, I called them, and they turned it back on.

However, if they have shut off your car before we file the bk, I can only force them to turn it back on if you either:

  1. in a Chapter 7, only if you catch up on payments and are planning on keeping it, or
  2. in a chapter 13, if you file your chapter 13 plan proposing to catch up on payments.

What this means is that if it’s shut off after we file, bankruptcy can get it turned back on. If it’s shut off before we file, you have to propose some kind of way to catch it up, or it will stay off.