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Is Robert S. Payne, Utah Bankruptcy Attorney closed? It’s not showing up on google anymore!

No, I’m not closed.

I am still here and I’m working on it with google. In the meantime, call or text 801-980-1313 and you will find me.

Last night I ran a quick search on my phone for “West Jordan Bankruptcy.” I do this every few days to make sure that my google places listing is still on top (and to be honest, it’s a real ego booster too). My law firm was gone.

Normally, I would show up on the top of “West Jordan” searches, and I even show up in the first few hits over all of Utah. I even received my 57th client review on google a couple of weeks back.

But when I looked last night, I was gone. Even worse, if I ran a search, google would eventually give me a single listing, with one review, but it showed that I was closed.

I logged on to my “google my business” account, and it showed that my “listing has been suspended due to quality issues.” I sent in an appeal to google that night. I then tossed and turned until morning.

In the morning, I logged on to the Google My Business Help Community Forum. I am making some headway, but as of this blog post, I am still either non-existent or closed. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Here is the progress I’ve seen so far: