Will bankruptcy clear an eviction off of my credit report?


Bankruptcy will discharge the debt that you owe, but that eviction will stay on your credit report for 7 years.

When you file bankruptcy (either a 7 or a 13), you seek a discharge of your debts. When the debts are discharged, this means that the money you owe is wiped out and they cannot collect on you anymore. Unfortunately, sometimes they can still report on your credit. Creditors cannot report that there is any remaining balance (because the balance was discharged), but they can still report evictions.

This means that it will be much harder to get an apartment. On the plus side, after your bankruptcy, your credit score jumps and you no longer have any outstanding debt.

Before writing this, I read 8 different articles/blogs on how to get an eviction off of your credit report, and it boils down to two things (neither of which are helpful at all):

  1. Settle up with the landlord and pay off the debt. But even if you do this, he can still report the eviction on your credit unless you get him to agree to remove it, or
  2. Wait 7 years.

See, I told you those two things were not very helpful. In the end, the eviction stays on your credit, but at least we can wipe out the actual debt that you owe.