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What are the median income figures for bankruptcy in Utah (November 2018)?

Basically, if you are over, then you are a chapter 13.  If you are under, then you are a chapter 7.

The United States Trustee (UST) just updated the income figures on November 1, 2018.  Now remember that these numbers can be adjusted by child support payments (received or made), larger mortgages, huge tax debt, etc.  It is a gross overgeneralization to say that if you are over that figure then you MUST be a chapter 13, but this is the baseline we start with.  That being said, here are the current figures for Salt Lake County that we use on our Form 122 (6 month average of current monthly income and disposable income):

Single:      $61,044

Married:    $66,641

Married with 1 child:   $76,707

Married with 2 children:  $86,717

Married with 3 children:  $95,117

Married with 4 children:  $103,517

Married with 5 children:  $111,917

Married with 6 children:  $120,317

Married with 7 children:  $128,717

Married with 8 children:  $137,117

Married with 9 children:  $145,517

Married with 10 children:  $153,917

If you have more than 10 children, you’re probably going to be below median.  I have 11 children, and I know how expensive that can be.