Now that I have my bankruptcy discharge, can they still report me on ChexSystems and deny me a bank account?

No, but it’s a mess to clear it up.

Bankruptcy may discharge your debts, but it doesn’t necessarily clean up your credit.  That’s something you’ll have to watch like a hawk to clean up and improve.    

Bankruptcy can generally discharge the debt you owe on an overdraft bank account, or any bank account where you had a negative balance. The problem is that the creditor probably listed you on something called Chex Systems (or Telecheck, or SCAN), which are

Chex Systems, Inc. (ChexSystems) is a nationwide specialty consumer reporting agency under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). ChexSystems’ clients regularly contribute information on closed checking and savings accounts.  See Chex Systems front page here.

Once you’re listed on that database, it is very hard to get a new bank account, anywhere. If you find that you are still listed on Chex Systems (or the others) after your bankruptcy discharge, you will need to:

  1.  Get a copy of your Chex Systems Report,
  2. Dispute anything that still shows a balance, and then
  3. Give them 30 days to clean it up and take off the negative reporting.

99% of the time, this should take care of the problem.  If it doesn’t, then you get to jump through hoops to clean up your credit report and/or Chex Systems.

As I was looking for information on how to clear up Chex Systems, I found two excellent articles that you should probably cross reference: