Do people ever read your bankruptcy blog? (100,000 views!!!)

I ask myself this question more than I actually hear it from clients, so I think it’s more of a crazy- person-talking-to-himself-internal-monologue kind of question.

So to answer that internal voice of debt, “Yes, apparently people do read this blog.”

The attached picture is not a good one, but it is a cell phone capture of my home computer. Last night I was wondering if the view count had hit 100,000.  Unfortunately, when I accessed the blog, I was visitor 100,001, so I missed that fantastic 100,000th reader.  I took this picture, sent it to my friends and family, and then walked around feeling pretty awesome for the rest of the evening.  To be honest, it’s a feeling of validation, knowing that people actually read the blog.

I posted my first entry in December 2013.  I’ll admit that I did it just to improve my rankings on google with raw organic content.  However, I soon found that if I wrote more detailed articles on more specific questions, then I could use them again and again.   For example, I get asked questions on mortgage reaffirmations every week, and now I can simply cut and paste a couple of links from my blog that hopefully make sense to my clients.

It’s also really fun to put the questions together.  I try to answer them in my speaking voice.  There are still spelling and grammatical errors, and I’m sorry.  Apparently my speaking voice throws those in as well.

As for the “artwork,” I love making the pictures for each topic.  I know that the pictures are not high quality;  I’ll even admit that I have no artistic training.  In my defense, I’m using Microsoft Paint, but even if I had a better program, the artwork would be the same.  Hopefully you can get the gist of the action in the scene.

So for everyone whose accessed this blog, thank you.  Every time someone searches for an answer on my blog and actually reads it, I feel great.