What are the median income figures for bankruptcy in Utah (April 2018)?

Basically, if you are over, then you are a chapter 13.  If you are under, then you are a chapter 7.    

Now remember that these numbers can be adjusted by child support payments (received or made), larger mortgages, huge tax debt, etc.  It is a gross overgeneralization to say that if you are over that figure then you MUST be a chapter 13, but this is the baseline we start with.  That being said, here are the current figures for Salt Lake County that we use on our Form 22C* (6 month average of current monthly income and disposable income):

Single:      $59,002

Married:    $64,832

Married with 1 child:   $76,066

Married with 2 children:  $83,537

Married with 3 children:  $91,937

Married with 4 children:  $100,337

(If you can’t see the pattern yet, each child we add bumps up your median income figure by $8,400).

As I said above, being over doesn’t necessary mean that you’ll be in a repayment plan (like a chapter 13), but this gives us a nice baseline.

*  (Notice that I called it “Form 22C” .  That is because I’m old.  The current form is called Form 122A Current Monthly Income and Means Test for Chapter 7 or Form 122B or 122C).