Is my ex-wife/husband going to find out that I filed bankruptcy?

There’s a pretty good chance that they will.  

When you file bankruptcy, you are required to list any person to whom you pay child support/alimony (what we call a “Domestic Support Obligation” or DSO).  They receive notice that you filed bk.  Don’t try to hide it.  The trustee will double-check to make sure that you have your DSOs properly listed.

Additionally, you have to list your creditors.  If you have any joint debts with your ex-spouse (like the Chase credit card you used to pay for your joint divorce attorney), then you are supposed to list the ex-spouse as a joint debtor.  Even if you fail to do this for some reason, they will probably hear from the creditor.  The bk protects you, but now the bk filing will probably prompt the creditor to try to collect from your ex-spouse.

Now if you don’t have any DSO or joint debt, then you may be able to keep your own business private.  However, they may still hear about it from your children, friends, social medial posts, or some third party.

This doesn’t mean that your bankruptcy is hurt, or affected in any way.  It may be a blow to your pride, but that’s it.