What happened to the chapter 13 trustee payment website for Lon Jenkins in Utah (tfs bill pay)?

It changed.

For the last few years, you could make your online chapter 13 plan payment at the trustee website using their bill pay service.  Now, when you click on their “Debtor Payments” button, it takes you here:  https://tfsbillpay.com/ .  It’s a new service, but clicking through their screens, it seems fairly straightforward to use.  Just don’t forget your case number.  

It seems to be a MoneyGram service, and unfortunately, yes, it does have a transaction fee of $8.99 per payment.  So if your plan payment is $100 a month, then you’ll be paying $108.99 each month if you use this service.  That is worth it, because you’ll receive immediate confirmation of receipt.


The trustee touts it as the:

Fastest Method of Trustee Payment

Use MoneyGram in time-sensitive situations like a dismissal hearing, before confirmation, or catch-up payment….

Peace of Mind!

Once your payment leaves your hands, it’s tracked and guaranteed to arrive at your trustee’s office.

The only bit of mild misinformation is the trustee’s statement that  you can “Talk to your Attorney.  They can print your MoneyGram card straight from their office.”  No, I can’t.

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