Why didn’t my bankruptcy attorney call me and text me and send a letter and an email (twice)?

Today I spoke with an angry client whose case was dismissed because he ignored our conversation when we filed the case, ignored my follow-up email, ignored a letter from the court, and ignored my letter forwarding that court letter.

He was frustrated because I didn’t go through the reminder process again right before his case was dismissed.

I understand his frustration.  The number one complaint that people have about their attorneys is “lack of communication.”   communication

In my practice, my clients have my personal email, my cell number, and I respond to text messages virtually any time.  That being said, after I tell them what I need or what the trustee is asking for, I expect them to respond.  We are all adults, and I figure that if someone gets a “to do list” from me, that they’re going to follow through or ask me for clarification.  I know that my clients call the next morning if I don’t respond to their email.

So my advice to other potential clients of me or anyone else is simple:  respond to your attorney’s letters/email/voicemail/texts.  If something doesn’t make sense, ask for an explanation.

Sometimes I screw up, and when I do, I’ll own it and even eat the legal fees.  And I guarantee that I’ll tell the client what is going on.