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Do I need to wait to file my bankruptcy until after I have received all of my medical/hospital bills?

No.  We can file today so long as we make sure to list everyone who will send you a bill.

I had a client get out of the hospital last week and meet with me this week.  She needs to file bankruptcy on about $40,000 of medical debt, but the hospital hasn’t sent her all of her bills yet.  She asked me this question because she is worried that we will go bankrupt today, receive a $10,000 bill tomorrow, and be stuck with it.  future bill

However, so long as we list the hospital now, that will cover all future bills she receives for services that occurred prior to the bk.  For example, if we go bankrupt today and later receive a $5,000 bill for last week’s ambulance ride, that bill would be covered (so long as we remembered to list the ambulance company).  On the other hand, if we go bankrupt today, and she rides an ambulance tomorrow, that new ambulance ride won’t be covered because it happened after we filed bk.

So no, you don’t need to wait until all of the bills have come in, but you should list each potential creditor with a fair guess as to the amount you probably owe them.  This way, you won’t have to add them as creditors later.