Can I take copies of my documents to the 341 Meeting, and will the trustee keep them?

You can take copies of some documents, and yes, the trustee will keep them.

341 copies

About a month after you file bankruptcy, you meet with a bankruptcy trustee (in either a chapter 7 or a chapter 13 case).  When you meet with the trustee, you are required to present the following documents:

1.  driver’s license

2.  social security card

3.  bank statement showing balance on date of filing bankruptcy, and

4.  current paystub.

(Prior to the meeting, you attorney should have already sent the trustee a copy of your most recently filed tax returns and your pre-bankruptcy paystubs).

You will need an original driver’s license and social security card (copies won’t do).  If you’re missing your social security card, you have other options:

What documents do you need for your 341 Meeting of Creditors?

You can use copies of your paystub and bank statement.  If you don’t have a bank account, no, you don’t need a bank statement.  If you’re not working, then no, you don’t need a current paystub.  The trustee will keep these documents (paystub and bank statement).

Yesterday I had a client who didn’t realize that the trustee would keep her paystub, and she was concerned about the loss of the original (to his files).  If you want to keep your actual, physical paystubs, then you’ll need to make a copy for the trustee.

So, to summarize:

Driver’s license — need original

Social security card — need original (or W2 or other items in list in above link)

Bank Statement — copy is good, and he’ll keep it

Paystub — copy is good, and he’ll keep it.