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When is the earliest I will receive my 2015 Utah State Tax Refund?

Normally, I would say “two weeks after you file your taxes,” but that is not correct this year.

I was in bankruptcy court this morning speaking with a friend with the Utah State Tax Commission, and he said that the earliest date for the State of Utah to issue tax refund checks this year is March 1st.  He said that is relates to Utah S.B. 250.  Basically, the state is verifying that employers will be sending out W2s and 1099s timely.  This verification will put a brief delay on the issuance of tax refund checks.  In other words, until the state is sure that employers are following the new law, it won’t be sending out those refunds.

Now take this with a grain of salt:  this is based on a passing conversation with a friend in the hallway, but I believe that it’s accurate.  It doesn’t affect the timing of your federal refund, but it does affect the state.