Is there a way to look up my bankruptcy case without using PACER or calling an attorney?

There is now.

Attorneys use PACER, which is the U.S. Government’s website to provide Public Access to Court Electronic Records.  It is a fee based service (we have to pay when we run searches), but it provides us .pdf copies of any court document filed in a case.

In the old days (less than a year ago), if a client needed information on his bankruptcy case, he’d have to call his attorney and ask the attorney to run a search.  However, most people have learned that attorneys are often in court and cannot answer immediately.

Recently, the Utah Bankruptcy Court has been offering something called a Simple Case Lookup, where  you can look up a Utah bankruptcy case if you have either:

  1.  the case number
  2. the name and social security number
  3. or the business name.

I tried it out today, and it doesn’t give much info, but it’s still in the beta phase of testing.  If you look at the attached image, it will at least tell you when the case was filed, who the judge/trustee is, and what meetings and deadlines are coming up.simple case lookup

It’s a start, but for now, if you really need more information than that, you’re still stuck calling the court clerks at 801-524-6687 (and yes, they actually answer and know more bankruptcy law than most attorneys) or call your bankruptcy attorney and have him run a search on PACER.