Through October 2015, are bankruptcy filings going up or down in Utah?

Down 12% compared to last year.  october 2015 bk

The American Bankruptcy Institute compiles a list of bankruptcy filings per month, per state.  I was reading their pages today (because that’s the kind of exciting life bankruptcy attorneys lead), and according to their statistics, bankruptcies in Utah are down 12% from this time last year.  Here is the link to the ABI’s statistics:

According to their chart, we have a 22% drop in overall filings, nationwide.

I can’t give you the overall national reasons for this, or official Utah statistics.  From my anecdotal experience, everyone I’ve spoken to has seen a decrease in income over the past few years and either can’t afford to file (I know) or are waiting just a little longer to see if things turn around enough so that they won’t have to file.