Will you defend my state court lawsuit as part of my bankruptcy?

Nope.  state court

When you retain a bankruptcy attorney, you are hiring an attorney to file a federal bankruptcy for you.  As for me, I haven’t been in state court in years, and I wouldn’t even know which table to sit at if I was trying to defend a lawsuit.

Honestly, if you are still in the stage of defending yourself in state court, then you’re probably not ready for bankruptcy yet.

However, on the day you file bankruptcy, everything else stops.  Those state court lawsuits are put on hold by something called the “automatic stay” in bankruptcy, which stays (stops) every other court proceeding.  If your creditors want to try to chase you in state court, they have to now file a Motion for Relief from Stay in the federal bankruptcy court, and it is almost never worth their time.

So although I won’t go to state court with you as your bankruptcy attorney, neither of us will need to go.  Our bankruptcy trumps the other court actions, and you generally only go to one more court appearance, sitting at a table with me and a bankruptcy trustee.