My work hours drop in the winter? How does that affect my bankruptcy?

It depends on where you are in your bankruptcy.

If you’re already in a chapter 13, making monthly payments to the bk trustee, then this could really hurt you.  Your plan payment doesn’t change on the months your income drops, and you may want to contact your attorney right away to let him/her know what’s going on.  hours drop

If you are preparing for bankruptcy, the drop in hours is probably a good thing.

We run a 6 month average of your income called the means test.  Generally, if your income is above median, then you need to file a chapter 13 case to pay your creditors back.  If it’s below median, then you can qualify for a more simple chapter 7, which is generally done in 4 months with no repayment to creditors.

So if your hours are dropping, it just may be a good thing, at least for your bankruptcy forms.