Who offers “cheap bankruptcy redwood road Utah?” (Or what are the top search keywords for my website?)

So I was on my Yahoo Small Business, Live Web Insights page, and it gave me the following table of people finding my website this week.  Out of 3,700 clicks (in the past 90 days), it claimed that these were the top searches, and although the numbers don’t really add up, it was fairly interesting.  (The top search that actually leads people to my website is any search for anything bankruptcy-related in the West Jordan, Utah area).

top searches

As for the Live Web Insights table:  Number 1 was a simple search for Payne and Bankruptcy.  About half of my new cases come from referrals from prior clients, and I can’t think of a higher compliment.  Thanks to everyone who has referred me to their friends and family.

The second most popular search was a little funny:  “Cheap bankruptcy redwood road Utah.”  I offer a fairly competitive price, but I’m really not the cheapest.  That being said, if you run this search and find me, give me a call and I can work with you.