What happens if I close my bankruptcy class before I can complete it?

Just log back in.  bk class not working

Before you file bankruptcy, you are required to take a pre-bankruptcy class and receive a certificate of completion for your credit counseling.

After you file bankruptcy, you are required to take a financial management course and receive a certificate before the bankruptcy court will issue your discharge.

I usually tell my clients to take the online class at a website called www.debtorcc.org.  They charge $9.95 for a joint class and email the certificate to both you and your attorney (me).  At $10, they’re pretty cheap.

So today, I had a client call me with a problem:  her deadline to file the second class certificate was coming up, but she was stuck on a single page of the online class, and it wouldn’t let her advance to the next screen.  I told her to simply close the page, log off, and log back in.  Usually (hopefully), it saves your progress and you can just start up where you left off.

She closed the web page at 76%, logged back in, and thankfully, she was still at 76% complete.  She then sent me this email:  “Mr Payne we just finished the 2nd class online and the little problem was fixed by signing out and signing back in it worked.”

This means that she didn’t have to take the two hour class again.  Yes, the second class is two hours long, and I am very, very sorry.