Is there free parking for my Utah bankruptcy court hearing or 341 Meeting of Creditors?

Yes, if you know where to look.  free parking


The 341 Meeting of Creditors is held at the Provo Library (Old BYU Academy).  There are two above-ground parking lots and an underground parking lot, all free.


The 341 Meeting of Creditors is held at the Federal Building in Ogden.  There is free parking lining the street running east and west of the building.

Salt Lake City

It gets a little dicier here.  There is a lot of FEE parking.  There are 3 free one hour parking spots on West Temple just south of the Ken Garff Building.  There is a free 1 hour parking lot with about 10 spaces just east of the building along 400 South.

There are plenty of FEE parking lots, and meters.  Just remember that if you do get a ticket, the parking ticket is only $15.  It’s $15 that you don’t want to spend, but still only $15, and not the end of the world.  I have NEVER had a client get towed for failing to feed the meter.