How do you feel about your bankruptcy clients?

Honestly, I love almost all of them.

Last night I was meeting with a young couple (and their two kids) at 9:00 in my office.  After filing their case, the husband told me to wait.  He then ran out to his car.  A few minutes later he came back with the crocheted or hand-knit (I really don’t know the phrase) poke ball pictured below.  poke ball

He realized that I used to play Pokemon with my kids when they were younger, still had a couple of cards on display in my office, and he decided that I needed a hand-knit crochet poke ball that his grandmother had made for Christmas.  It now sits on my bookshelf next to a couple of vases one of my Chinese law students gave me years ago.

It’s easy to love your clients in this kind of work, because they are in distress and are very open and honest.  You get an immediate connection.  Then you can work with them to give them some relief and effectuate a huge change in their lives.  I see clients from years ago at the grocery store, and we still stop and chat.

So, yes, I love most of my clients.

And yes, there are some really, really annoying ones.  I’ll save that for another topic, but I’ll give a hint:  if you call and ask me the same question 3 times in a row because you don’t like my answer, you are annoying.  You can rephrase the question as many ways as you want, but I can’t change the law.