Discharged creditors are still reporting on my credit after my bankruptcy? How do I dispute this?

Sadly, this is pretty common.  Your attorney didn’t screw up, and the creditor isn’t being vindictive.  The creditors are just too lazy to update your credit report information.

You generally have two routes to go:

1.  pay a credit repair company to fix it (around $1,000), or

2.  send out the credit dispute letters yourself.  credit dispute

I vote for number 2, because it is much, much cheaper.

After your bankruptcy discharge, judgments can still report on your credit, but they are unenforceable against you.  (They might still be attached to your real property like your home, but that’s a discussion for another day).  Your other creditors who were discharged in the bankruptcy can only report “included in chapter 7 bankruptcy” or “discharged in bankruptcy” or something of the like.

If any of those accounts are still reporting that you are behind on payments, in collections, or have an outstanding balance, this is damaging your credit.

The easiest way to fix it is to send a simple “credit dispute letter” to the various credit reporting agencies so that the credit agency can review the mis-reported data from the creditor and remove it.

Here are two links to fairly simple but effective credit dispute letters: