Is my bank losing my loan modification documents on purpose?

I don’t think so, but I am constantly amazed at how many times they “didn’t receive the following documents,” even though you can verify that you faxed them (and they were received) at least 3 times.

I received the below letter for my clients today.

20150223_163149 (1)

I cannot even count how many angry calls I have received from clients who wonder if their mortgage company is out to get them, purposefully incompetent, or really that bad at receiving and tracking documents.  In the above letter, it reads:

Our records indicate that there is a pending application for loan assistance on your account, but the application is incomplete because we have not received all required documents and information.  at this time we are no longer actively processing the request.

However, these clients DID send everything, 3 times now, with fax “success” on each fax.  Even worse, Bank of America sent me an attorney authorization letter (for the clients to speak directly with their bank about a possible loan modification) every single day for the past month (over 20 letters).  And yes, I had already sent the the authorization.

All I can advise is keep your anger inside, and keep faxing the requested documents.  Then, follow-up to verify that someone there actually received them.  Eventually, they will realize that they have all of the necessary documents to at least process your loan modification request.