Can I ask the bankruptcy court to email me all of my case notices (DeBN)?

As of today, yes.

Normally, my clients would have to wait to receive paper notices from the court (like a Notice of Discharge or Notice of 341 Meeting of Creditors), or else I would have to forward the court email to my clients.  This was frustrating for my clients, and I honestly did not appreciate having to print/save court notices in .pdf format and then individually forward them to my clients.

As of today, the bankruptcy court is now allowing clients to do something called Debtor Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (DeBN).  It’s free, and all my clients have to do is have an email address and complete an form which I then file with the court.  The form is located here:, and it is called the Debtor Electronic Noticing Request.

With this new service, the court sends out an email to my clients for each new document/notice in the case.

I am actually excited about this, because it means that my clients will receive the same notices I get, at the same time, and they can open/save them in .pdf format.