Can we remove our refrigerator and sell it before our home is foreclosed?

Yes.  The refrigerator is your appliance.  It is not a part of the home, and you are not committing theft by taking it.

When you surrender a home in bankruptcy (or even lose it in foreclosure), you are giving it back to the bank.  The bank has a secured interest in the home, and they own the home and all of its fixtures.  However, fixtures does not cover everything in the home.  foreclosure sale

A fixture is something affixed to the home, like the air conditioner, or the hot water heater.  Your refrigerator, freezer, and stove are not fixtures.  They are appliances, same as your television and your stereo.  When you move out of the home, you have every right to the appliances.  No one would leave their tv for the mortgage company to sell off, and you shouldn’t leave your fridge either.

The dishwasher is a strange creature.  It’s “affixed” the the home by those two little screws up at the front that hold in in place under the counter, but it may or may not be a fixture.  In any event, it’s usually too much of a hassle to move.

So if you are giving up your home, don’t give up the appliances.  You have every right to take the refrigerator and sell it off before the foreclosure sale.