What happens to my food storage when I file bankruptcy?

Here in Utah, many, many people have a fairly good 3 month supply or even year supply of food, water, and essentials.  Emergency preparedness, food storage, and the like have been preached from the pulpits for Utah congregations for the last 100 years or more.

When you file bankruptcy, it is the bankruptcy trustee’s job to see if you have an non-exempt (unprotected) assets that he can sell off and use to pay your creditors.  Your food storage (up to a year’s worth of provisions) is 100% protected.

The Utah Code (Utah Exemptions Act) protects:

78B-5-505. Property exempt from execution.
(1) …
(C) provisions sufficient for 12 months actually provided for individual or family use;

So you can safely start canning with no danger of losing your family’s necessities.  You can shop the case-lot sales without fear.

This is especially important during tax refund season, because I have counseled all of my clients to spend their tax refund monies on food storage.  It never hurts to have a supply of canned goods, frozen chicken, and extra cereal boxes.

As for my family, not only would this hot dog be exempt in bankruptcy, but I believe that it would feed us for months in an emergency.  weinermobile