What happens if we list our orthodontist in our bankruptcy?

You can discharge the debts that you owe him, but, you may still want to pay him after we file.  (But no, he won’t come repossess your teeth!!!)  orthodontist

It is easy to list medical bills in a bankruptcy and discharge those financial obligations.  My most common case involves a huge medical bill from one hospital stay that overwhelmed my clients and forced them into bankruptcy.

However, an orthodontist is kind of a special creature:  we want to keep using his services for the next couple of years.  If you list him in the bk and wipe our your debts to him, he will refuse to see you and continue to work on your braces.  So, what we do is list him in the bk, but you can always voluntarily pay him after we file and keep seeing him.

Yesterday I met with a nice orthodontist at Utah Orthodontic Care.  My daughter’s braces will be on for about 2 years, and I’ll be making payments to the orthodontist’s office for about 2 years as well.  If I filed bankruptcy, I could cancel that long-term payment contract, but I know that he wouldn’t tighten my daughter’s braces, or give her check-ups, or fix broken brackets, etc.  I can’t make him work for free, so even if I filed bankruptcy, I’d still plan on paying him back.

On a side note, those braces are not a secured debt, like a car or a home.  If you go bankrupt, he won’t come to your home and repossess them at night time.