Can you make my doctor start seeing me again after I file bankruptcy?

No.  Bankruptcy can wipe out (or discharge) your medical debts.  However, just because those past-due medical bills have been wiped out, your doctor does not have to start seeing you again, or keep seeing you.  In other words, bankruptcy cannot force your doctor into indentured servitude.  doctor office

Medical bills push most of my clients into bankruptcy.  Larger organizations, like major hospitals, take the hit from the bankruptcy and will still see my clients the next day for new services.  However, smaller medical practices are hit harder by the bankruptcy, both financially and personally.  For example, if we list your orthodontist in the bankruptcy, he probably won’t want to see you again to do follow-up work on those braces.  For smaller practices, the only way to start seeing them again is to pay them back, even if the debt was properly discharged in the bankruptcy.

This doesn’t mean that the doctor is violating the automatic stay in bankruptcy by collecting on debts discharged in the bankruptcy.  He is refusing to do future work for you unless you pay what you owe.  It’s a fine point.  Bankruptcy doesn’t stop you from voluntarily paying back some creditors, and it doesn’t force those creditors to give you free services after you file your case.

So, in essence, you can wipe out those medical debts, but you’d better find a new doctor.  Otherwise, you’ll end up paying off those bills just to keep the same physician.