Does anyone file bankruptcy at Christmastime?


My children are used to our Decembers being a little on the lean side since people don’t file bankruptcy right before Christmas unless they have a dire emergency.  February and March are the boom time for us.  Most of my clients are waiting for tax refund season to kick in.  If they file bankruptcy too early, they’ll lose their tax refunds next February.  Most of my potential clients aren’t  calling (or so I imagine), because no one wants to deal with bankruptcy (emotionally) right before Christmas.  The holidays are stressful enough without adding me to the mix.

The only people I see this time of year have imminent garnishments and foreclosures.  Everything else can wait.

I checked the Utah Bankruptcy Court website for December filing statistics, and here’s what I found:

November 2012 ….. 1275 cases filed

December 2012 … ..929 (346 case drop)

November 2013 …..1038

December 2013 ……873 (165 case drop)

November 2014 …..926

December 2014 ….. (no idea, but it feels low).

If you notice, cases drop from November to December.  I expect this year to be more of the same.