I closed my business a few years back. Will that affect my bankruptcy?

Probably not.  (Unless you are hiding assets from your old business).

Today, I was at a 341 Meeting of Creditors in a chapter 7 case, and the bankruptcy trustee asked my client if she had ever owned a business.  Although she and I had reviewed the paperwork and met many, many times before filing (I had been working on her case for almost 2 years), she revealed for the first time that she had been on her ex-husband’s landscaping business.

In all truth, this was not a big deal.  He went bankrupt over two years ago, and his business had long been closed.

Unfortunately, the trustee decided to make this a very big deal, threatening her with perjury and telling her that she had better find out whether she was the the part-owner of a defunct business with no assets owned by a bankrupt ex-husband.

In general, if you owned a business and closed it before going bankrupt, we still need to list it in your bankruptcy schedules.  So long as it has no remaining assets, no collectible accounts receivables, and no remaining value, it does not affect your bankruptcy at all.