Are foreclosures up or down in Utah?

From my personal experience, they are definitely up this month, but it’s a moving target.

According to some real, hard numbers from RealtyTrac, they are up in Utah for the month of October 2014.

RealtyTrac will give you a “UTAH REAL ESTATE STATISTICS & FORECLOSURE TRENDS SUMMARY,” which breaks down the real estate market by various categories.  According to their site, “In October, the number of properties that received a foreclosure filing in UT was 60% higher than the previous month and 27% lower than the same time last year.”  So it’s good and bad.  We have less foreclosures this year than last year, but they suddenly jumped in October.  foreclosures october 2014

What I love about RealtyTrac is that it will break it down in charts that actually make sense to me.  For instance, you can get a county by county breakdown like this:

1 in every 957

Top 5 Counties
Piute       1 in every 428
Tooele    1 in every 500
Box Elder  1 in every 644
Wasatch  1 in every 664
Sevier  1 in every 701

Or even a graph showing the number of foreclosures by month like this: