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Can I file a bankruptcy in a different state than where I owe my creditors (jurisdiction vs. venue)?


Today, I had a potential client ask me the following question via my firm’s Facebook page, :

ive lived in Utah for almost 2yrs now. I want to move back home to Arizona to work with my mom because its tough up here. can I file for bankruptcy in Arizona if I owe it to only Utah?”

The short answer is that bankruptcy is a federal law, and when you receive your Order of Discharge from the federal bankruptcy court, it will be valid in any state of the United States of America.

Are foreclosures up or down in Utah?

From my personal experience, they are definitely up this month, but it’s a moving target.

According to some real, hard numbers from RealtyTrac, they are up in Utah for the month of October 2014.

RealtyTrac will give you a “UTAH REAL ESTATE STATISTICS & FORECLOSURE TRENDS SUMMARY,” which breaks down the real estate market by various categories.