Do you really think that Fu Mancu mustache makes you look like a cowboy?

Okay, this isn’t quite a bankruptcy question, but I had a client keep staring at me in court yesterday until they approached me and asked if I was Robert Payne.

It is Halloween in two days, and my two year old is a cowboy (a sheriff), and I am a bad guy cowboy that will be taking him out trick-or-treating.  I decided it would be fun to drop the clean-cut attorney look for a few weeks and grow out what I thought was an appropriate cowboy ‘stache.  fumancu

Unfortunately, my clients didn’t recognize me.






Even worse, although I was shooting for a Sam Elliot tough-guy kind of look,samelliott






most people have told me that the effect is a little more Biker-Guy from The Village People.

The Village People





So, in answer to the question another attorney asked me after they saw my client’s confusion yesterday, “Yes!  I do think it makes me look like a cowboy.”  That being said, I am shaving it off Saturday morning.