I filed my bankruptcy pro se (without an attorney). Can I hire an attorney now to review it and go to court with me?

Yes, but most bankruptcy attorneys hate those kinds of cases.

Putting together a bankruptcy petition can be fairly routine for a bankruptcy attorney, so long as he has the proper paperwork, taxes, paystubs, etc. and has interviewed the debtors a few times before everything is prepared.  On the other hand, stepping into a case mid-stream is an awful nightmare.  It is very hard to clean up someone else’s mess, and most attorney steer clear of jumping into a pro se case.

That being said, yes, if you file by yourself, you can always hire a bankruptcy attorney after the fact to review everything, make changes, and even go to court with you.  Nearly every week in court, I see pro se chapter 13s before the judges who say that they are looking for an attorney, and the judge usually even gives them more time to hire an attorney and get the paperwork cleaned up.  Unfortunately, some documents MUST be filed by certain deadlines, or the case is dismissed automatically, whether or not you hired an attorney to clean it up for you.

Personally, I took a case like that recently.  I was at a 341 Meeting of Creditors in front of a very good but fairly explosive bankruptcy trustee.  I gave a couple of pro se debtors some free advice in the hallway before the hearing and then went in and sat down.  The pro se debtors had not filed all of their documents, the case was a mess, and he exploded.  He moved to dismiss their case and publicly berated them for wasting his time.  They tried to file the remaining documents, but the deadlines had passed.  A few weeks later they called me and asked for my help since I had been nice in the hallway.  I took their case, and we realized that it was a good thing that it was being dismissed, because there was a mistake that was going to cost them at least $6,200.  We filed a newer and cleaner case, and they flew through it without a problem.