I work out of state. Do I have to fly back to Utah for my 341 Meeting of Creditors with the bankruptcy trustee?

Not necessarily.

Ideally, you would plan on flying back to Utah for your one meeting with the bankruptcy trustee, but if you really can’t do it, there are other options.  Technically, you are required to appear at your 341 meeting, but that doesn’t mean that you must be physically present.

First, you can always move to reschedule your meeting.  Trustees are very flexible with this and will let you reschedule the 341 Meeting to a new date and time that fit your work schedule.

Second, you can move to waive the 341 Meeting requirement.  This never works.  Don’t try it.

Third, you can move to have your 341 Meeting conducted by interrogatory (written questions back and forth between you and the trustee).  I have never seen this and wouldn’t try it.

Fourth, you can move to have your 341 Meeting conducted telephonically.  This means that you and the trustee would speak over speakerphone.  He would be at the official 341 Meeting with any potential creditors asking questions over the speakerphone, and you would be somewhere else.  The difficulty with this is that you need to have a notary or court officer present with you at your location to identify you and review your social security card and driver’ s license.  No, you can’t just have a friend do it.  The trustee will require a notary or other court officer.  telephonic 341 meeting

I have had prisoners do it before, and the prison guard identified them over the phone.  The guard isn’t a notary, but since it’s pretty hard for someone to fake your identity in prison, the trustee accepted the guard’s statement over the phone.

The biggest problem with all of this is that is is obnoxious additional work on behalf of your attorney.  Your attorney will not do this for free, and you may find that it costs another $500 or so in additional attorney’s fees just for him to file the necessary motions to fit your schedule.  Don’t expect him to do it for free, because it takes substantial work on his part.