How does a creditor find out where I’m working so that he can garnish my wages before bankruptcy?

Generally, you tell him.  (Don’t do that).

Creditors do not really have a massive national database where they pool their information on debtors.  Arguably, they do in the form of a credit report, but this is from information you have given out.  They really don’t pool their resources in a major conspiracy against you.  where do you work

What creditors do to gather information is ask you.  They may be friendly on the phone and say, “Hey, I need to update our records.  Where is your husband working now?”  Or, they may threaten you and lie on the phone saying, “Now that we have a judgment against you, you are required to give us your employment information, where do you work?”  Truth be told, you don’t have to play nice.  You are not required to volunteer your employment information.  You are not required to answer a direct question.  Sometimes, they may even come with the color of authority, with a constable knocking on your door to serve you the judgment and demand your employment information.  You do not have to answer him.

The only time you have to volunteer information is when you have a court order to do so.  For instance, if a creditor hauls you into court as part of a Supplemental Order Proceeding, then you are required to answer his questions, including giving out your employment information.  So, if there is a court order, or if you are standing in front of a judge, then you need to give out that information.

Other than a court order or getting you to volunteer that information over the phone, creditors can look at your credit report to see if you have listed a current employer on a recent credit application,  This means that if you have applied for any new credit in the last year or so, then they may be able to set up a garnishment fairly quickly.