Does a school/college/university violate the bankruptcy automatic stay or discharge injunction by refusing to provide a transcript because tuition or fees remain unpaid?

Probably yes.  This means that you can probably get your transcript or diploma from a school after you file bankruptcy, even if you still owe them for tuition or school fees.

In 2009, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals heard a bankruptcy case called  In re Kuehn, 563 F. 3d 289, 294 (7th Cir. 2009).  In this case, the court heard the issue of whether a school could passively refuse to give a transcript to a former student who had listed the school fees/tuition in her bankruptcy. She demanded the transcript, and the school refused until she paid her fees.  diploma in bankruptcy

The school argued that it was passively resisting by not turning over the transcript.  Her attorney argued that by refusing to turn over the transcript until the school received payment, the school was effectively trying to collect a debt listed in the bankruptcy.  This would be a violation of the automatic stay in bankruptcy (which stops creditors from collecting against you while the case is open.  This would also be a violation of the court’s eventual discharge order discharging the debt and prohibiting creditors from trying to collect on that discharged debt.

Short answer:  she won and the court found that “The University’s refusal to honor that right until Kuehn paid her back tuition was an act to collect a debt and thereby violated the automatic stay and discharge injunction. “