Can I get my suspended or revoked driver’s license back after I file bankruptcy?

Yes.  (But not for multiple DUI’s or other criminal infractions).

Your driver’s license may be revoked or suspended by the state DMV when you fail to pay a civil judgment related to a car accident.  So long as there is no criminal restitution involved, a chapter 7 can get your driving privileges reinstated very quickly.  You file the case and then provide proof of it to the DMV right away to get that license reinstated.  unsuspended drivers license

This all comes from a case where the state of Arizona refused to reinstate a driver’s license even after a bankruptcy discharge.  In Perez v. Campbell, 402 U.S. 637 (1971) the U.S. Supreme Court found that a state CANNOT withhold your driver’s license for a debt discharged in your bankruptcy.  The ruling was later codified in 11 U.S.C. 525 which states that

a governmental unit may not deny, revoke, suspend, or refuse to renew a license, permit, charter, franchise, or other similar grant to, condition such a grant to, discriminate with respect to such a grant against, deny employment to, terminate the employment of, or discriminate with respect to employment against, a person that is or has been a debtor under this title or a bankrupt or a debtor under the Bankruptcy Act, or another person with whom such bankrupt or debtor has been associated, solely because such bankrupt or debtor is or has been a debtor under this title or a bankrupt or debtor under the Bankruptcy Act, has been insolvent before the commencement of the case under this title, or during the case but before the debtor is granted or denied a discharge, or has not paid a debt that is dischargeable in the case under this title or that was discharged under the Bankruptcy Act.

This means that if the state has suspended or revoked your license for failure to pay a civil debt, such as one related to a car accident, then you can get your license back by providing proof of the bankruptcy to the DMV (along with proof of insurance).  You will probably have a to pay a fee, but it’s worth it.  Generally, you need to be able to drive to make a decent income, at least here in Utah.