I have a title loan on my truck but want to keep it, what happens to it in bankruptcy?

You have to pay it back.

In a chapter 7, you have to pay the title loan at the same interest rate, balance, payment, and terms as before you filed the case.  The bankruptcy does nothing to your title loan.  If you are behind, you must catch up on the payments or they will repossess the auto.

In a chapter 13, you can stretch out the payments on the title loan over the next 5 years (60 months) and change the interest rate to about 5%.  This is much better.  If you are behind on payments, you will simply have to catch up on them over the next 60 months.

There is a chance that the title loan lender will object to your bankruptcy plan arguing that you recently took out the loan and should have to pay it back quickly under their terms.  There is a chance, but I’ve never actually seen it happen.