What happens if I have an emergency and my bankruptcy attorney is on vacation?

It depends on your attorney.

WIth my clients, they all have my personal email address, and the office line at 801-980-1313 is one of those fancy Google Voice numbers that sends me a text message whenever you leave a voicemail and also allows you to send me text messages, any time, night or day.

This weekend I went to Bear Lake, Utah/Idaho to spend a day building sand castles, jumping off piers, and trying not to get sunburned.  We even planned (and did) finish the trip with famous raspberry milkshakes from Merlins.

However, I also did some work.  Friday evening about 6:30 I received a frantic email from a client who had signed her bankruptcy paperwork, paid in full, and was just waiting to file.  A constable had come to her door, and she was ready to file, that night.  Bankruptcy filings are done electronically, so I called her to confirm, and then I filed the case from a cabin at Bear Lake off of my laptop, and she had a bankruptcy case number a few minutes later.

That same night (seriously), another client contacted me and advised me that his foreclosure was actually scheduled for this Monday (3 days away at 9:00 a.m.) instead of next Friday.  I prepped his paperwork while the family ate tacos and brushed off sand from the beach.  We emailed back and forth, and after he scanned his signatures and sent them back to me for the bankruptcy paperwork.  I filed his case too.  Foreclosure stopped!

This was supposed to be a quiet family vacation, and it was except for two very immediate emergencies for my clients.

You don’t have to chose me as your attorney, but you ought to have an attorney who will respond to you when you need him/her, even if he is wearing bermuda shorts and digging a sand castle on the shore of Bear Lake with his kids.