My bank account was garnished two days ago. If I put money in there today, will they levy that money as well?


The bank garnishment/levy was a one shot affair.  To garnish funds in a bank account, the creditor fills out the paperwork and mails it to the bank.  On the day the bank processes the paperwork, the bank will put a hold on any funds in your bank account and turn them over the the creditor within 21 days unless you fight that levy.  (You generally lose the fight unless you can prove that the funds were exempt like child support or SSI/SSDI or can prove that the money in the account was not yours to begin with).

That garnishment only affected that day, though.  So, if a creditor garnishes you on a Monday, when you put money in the account on Tuesday, that garnishment period is done.  The only way the creditor could garnish you account on Tuesday as well if is he sent a new garnishment that the bank then processed on Tuesday.

Normally, this won’t happen because creditors won’t garnish your account more than once a month (they could, but they generally won’t).

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