How do you make sure that all of my creditors are listed in the bankruptcy?

Honestly, I make you do your homework.

You track down your creditors as follows:

1.  keep copies of your collection notices and lawsuits,

2.  keep copies of your credit card and medical bills.

3.  get a free copy of your credit report.

4.  repeat the steps above.

Before you file bankruptcy, you fill out a packet of paperwork that asks for a list of all of your creditors, whether they are secured, priority, or unsecured creditors.  I also ask for the names and addresses of anyone you have a contract or lease (for example:  Living Scriptures, Gold’s Gym, or your cell phone plan).

If can be confusing trying to list all of your creditors, because creditors sometimes transfer or sell off your account to other collection agencies, who, in turn, may transfer it to another collector.

You can also get one free copy of your credit report each year online.  I usually send people to

Once we have a list of your creditors, we can file the case.

If you discover any creditors after we file, you can still add them to your case while it’s open.  The court charges $30 to add creditors.  Now remember that they charge $30 whether you add one creditor or a batch of 20, so don’t do it piecemeal.  Add your creditors in bunches;  it will save you money.

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