What does the Order/Notice of Discharge look like that the bankruptcy court sends out to my creditors?

After you file bankruptcy, the court issues a discharge order and sends a copy to all of your creditors.  It advises them that most of your debts have been discharged and then provides a mailing matrix of all of your creditors.

A copy of an edited Order of Discharge is attached here.  20160711_094241

This is a document that you will always want to keep handy in case a creditor ever does contact you.  You can refer to the case number, the date of discharge, and then review the list of creditors to remind them that they did receive notice of the bankruptcy.

The Order reminds your creditors that:

The discharge prohibits any attempt to collect from the debtors a debt that has been discharged.  For example, a creditor is not permitted to contact a debtor by mail, phone, or otherwise, to file or continue a lawsuit, to attach wages or other property, or to take any other action to collect a discharged debt from the debtors.  A creditor who violates this order can be required to pay damages and attorney’s fees to the debtor.

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