Should I use a large law firm to file my bankruptcy? Is a bigger firm better?

This is up to you.  I have managed two large bankruptcy firms in the past 7 years, and they do a good job.  But, in this case, I hope you use a small one like me.

I’d like to think that you may want more of a personal touch on your case.  When you call my office, you’ll usually get me directly answering the phone.  After you retain me, you get my cell number, and you can call and/or text at any time day or night.  (That doesn’t mean that I’ll answer at any time, but I’m good about texting back).

Last night I had a client post a review of me on a website called  It was such a wonderful review that I felt a need to share it somewhere,

When you see Mr. Payne’s comment to current and future clients,
“get some sleep and call me in the morning”. That alone says you are in trusted hands.

We are putting the final touches on my case, and Mr. Payne has already done a remarkable job helping me. Earlier in the year when it started to become apparent that bankruptcy was my only option, I approached a “large” firm. You have heard the old clicheque, “bigger is better”, well let me tell you that does not apply to them. As I had made the decision to broaden my efforts to find representation I felt comfortable with, the individual I was assigned, informed me that he was not an actual attorney but in his own words, “a helper”.

I was referred to Thumbtack, and they referred me to Mr. Payne. One of the many qualities I like and admire Mr. Payne for is that he is a family man, and it is because of a reconciliation with my own son that I set out on this adventure to wring in costs, and curtail spending so I could help my son, and again when I learned Mr. Payne was a parent, I knew he understood my intentions because of my son and not because I took the attitude that I did not want to meet my monthly obligations.

For those of you who are reading this and thinking, “he paid this guy to say this”. Let me explain something to you, anybody could offer me all the money in the world to endorse their products or whatever, BUT, If what they wanted me to say is not the actual truth, there is NO WAY that will happen.

So to those of you that have that same “bigger is better” mentality, and feel you have to be represented by a large “reputable” firm, save yourself the time, and call Mr. Payne. The first conversation you have with him, is all the convincing you will need. Oh, and by the way, you will receive top flight representation, at a much more reasonable fee.

Thomas G.

Thanks Tom.

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