Can I change the interest rate of my mortgage in bankruptcy?

No, or at least, the bankruptcy won’t help you with your interest rate in any way.

In a chapter 7, you can reaffirm the mortgage, which means that you’ll make the same payments, same interest rate, and have the same balance.  The chapter 7 won’t let you change the terms of the mortgage at all.

In a chapter 13, you keep the same balance, payments, and interest rate.  The only thing that it helps with is the arrearage balance (the amount of payments you are behind).  For example, it won’t change your current monthly payment or balance, but the chapter 13 lets you pay back the mortgage arrears at 0% interest over 60 months.

Bankruptcy will not change your mortgage interest rate at all.  You need to work on a loan modification or a refinance if you want help with the interest rate and payments.

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