What if I can’t find my social security card for my bankruptcy 341 meeting of creditors?

It’s not the end of the world.

The bankruptcy trustee requires photo i.d. (normally a driver’s license or identify card) and a social security card.  If you cannot find your social security card, you can use one of the following:

1.  a letter from Social Security with your full social security number on it,

2.  a 1099 for income or even the end of the year mortgage statement 1099 you use for your taxes,

3.  your W2,

4.  a social security or disability benefits letter, so long as the full social security number is on it,

5.  any any other government letter or statement showing your social security number.

You cannot use your taxes.  You prepared these, and that isn’t an official document produced by a third party (someone other than you).  You cannot use a copy of your social security card.

I  have even had one client use a copy of a lawsuit which listed their social security number in it.  It was a court document produced by a third party, and the trustee accepted it.

If you can’t find anything with your social security number on it, you still have to go to the 341 meeting.  The trustee may refuse conduct it and may reschedule it, or he may conduct the meeting and simply direct you to show up at his office in the next week and show his secretary your card.  However, if you skip the meeting, he will definitely file a motion to dismiss your case, so please go, even if you’re unprepared.


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