If I list my doctor or hospital in my bankruptcy, will they continue to see me?

I really don’t know.

With bigger hospitals, if we list them in the bankruptcy, they take the hit and then generally continue to see you and your family down the road and offer medical services.  You simply have to pay for those.  As for emergency treatment, they cannot refuse you.

With smaller doctor’s offices and medical practices, yes, they can refuse to see you and your kids in the future.  For example, if we list the orthodontist in the bankruptcy, the next time you take your daughter in to get her braces tightened, he will refuse to work on her unless you start paying him again.  He cannot legally force you to pay him, but you cannot legally force him to keep working on her braces.  If you decide to pay him back after the bankruptcy, that is your choice.

Other medical practices may write off the former debt but charge you cash up front for any future services.

Generally, you won’t have problems getting medical services in the future, but yes, it can make it more difficult to see smaller practices that suffered a loss because of your bankruptcy.

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