I just moved. Can I file bankruptcy in Utah? What are the residency requirements for bankruptcy?


You can file a federal bankruptcy case in the District of Utah if either of the following is true:

1.  you have lived in Utah for the majority of the last 180 days (91 of the last 180 days), or

2.  you still own real property in Utah (like a home).  Utah landscape

So, let’s say you moved out of Utah but still own a home here that you’re renting out.  If there is a foreclosure sale pending, we could still file a Utah bankruptcy case to stop that sale.  Just remember that you’ll have to come back to Utah for your 341 Meeting of Creditors.

Now, if you just moved here, you have to live here for 91 days (or 91 days out of the last 180 days) to qualify to file an individual case, unless you own a home here.

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