How much does it cost to file bankruptcy in Utah? or How much does bankruptcy cost?

I hate this question, because it’s a range.

Here are the filing fees (which you pay to the court):

$306 for a chapter 7

$281 for a chapter 13.

We can file a motion with the court so that you can pay these fees after you file your case.  For instance, let’s say you file bankruptcy today.  We can file a motion so that you pay your $306 to the court as follows:  $102 a month from now, $102 two months from now, and $102 three months from now.

There is a credit counseling course you are required to take before you go bankrupt.  Most cost around $20, but there are some which cost as little as $9.95 for a couple.  I can provide you with links for these.

penniesAs for attorney’s fees, I charge as follows:

$1,000 and up for a chapter 7 (depending on how complicated you are), and

$500 and up, up front, for a chapter 13 (we get paid more fees from the bankruptcy trustee payments down the road if we get your chapter 13 case confirmed).

So, it costs anywhere from $500 up to file bankruptcy with my firm.

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